Why do Global QSR’s use different Plastic Resins for different Single-Service Items?

Studying human nature typically leads to one blindingly obvious conclusion:

It is near-impossible to change the nature/actions of billions of people en masse, even with threats of dire warnings such as global warming or extra taxes!

To ask consumers to “put paper waste here” and “”put plastic waste there” is one thing!

To ask consumers to “put paper cup here” but “first, separate off plastic lid and put there”, or “remove your straw/coffee stirrer from a cup before disposal” is quite another!

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TWO-ONLY materials in a Homogeneous single-use item packaging supply chain:


For all wrapping, clam-shells, bags, towels and the like – and let the global brand marketing “guru’s” go to town on the printing/branding


For all cups, lids, straws, stirrers, utensils and the like


Pass legislation to enforce homogenisation

of Single-Service Item Plastic Resins