An Article published today by Bloomberg titled “Beer Pong Getting Sustainability Makeover with New Aluminum Cup” claims that “Beer pong may be getting more environmentally friendly”!

The argument is that by using Aluminium to make cups, an “infinitely recyclable” cup can be formed.

While we do not argue that Aluminium can be infinitely recyclable, we do question why corporations invest hundreds of millions to take two steps forward while at the same time taking two steps back!

There is a reason why glass cups were outlawed from Stadiums in the western world years ago – a mixture of alcoholic beverage and rigid-walled containers, particularly rigid walls that can easily be formed into extremely sharp cutting edges, is a seriously bad, if not life-threatening, combination!

Did any of the corporate staff signing off on this investment ponder how sharp an edge can be formed from their “infinitely recyclable” cups?

So, how do you really undertake a sustainability makeover?

You do not do it but looking at the capital equipment in your factories and ask a single question:

  • How can we re-purpose our (select any one of following…. aluminum can forming / Styrofoam container forming / paper cup forming / thermoformed cup forming)….  equipment and save the world?

A Sustainable Makeover comes from taking a holistic look at ALL processes, ALL technologies, and ALL materials that are available and innovating solutions that are truly unique and actually “tick as many boxes” as possible.

That is exactly what the MESON team did, and in the process created a truly innovative technology that uses existing manufacture processes no one thought applicable to the likes of cups, bowls and containers, all powdered by the MESON Technology and backed by the sustainability story:

  • Use substantially less material than comparable double-walled structures
  • Post-consumer recycled content
  • Recyclable with potential for compostable
  • Promotes desire to collect
  • Hot and cold usage promotes reuse
  • And, cannot be turned into a “deadly weapon”!


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