Vendor Selection

  • Exploratory meetings on-site to meet senior personnel and inspect factory and facilities in order to provide recommendations


General Product Evaluation

  • Evaluation of product technology at a superficial level


In-depth Product Evaluation

  • Evaluation of product technology, both software and hardware, including assessment of component age and likelihood of technology being superseded or components being made obsolete
  • Depending on the scope, may be undertaken in conjunction with Associates

Existing Product Adaptation

  • Overseeing modification of existing technology


New Product Development

  • All aspects of new product development from conception, design, prototyping through to production
  • Depending on the scope, may be undertaken in conjunction with our Associates, GX Design, Usk, UK


China Component Modification/Improvement

  • Working with suppliers to assist in the modification/improvement of their components/technology

Supply Contracts

  • Supply negotiations, both on-site and remotely


Supply QA

  • QA checking of production on-site


Supply Management

  • Holding of project funds and making interim production payments as per agreed milestones through to inspection of shipments prior to release of final payments

Supply Logistics

  • Assisting with alternate logistics options and handling all aspects of AIR and SEA freight door-to-door


Sub-component Sourcing

  • Sourcing of “equivalent” components and sub-components


Patent Research

  • While not formally qualified, Imagine has years of international patent experience