The first stage in the production of a MESON Cup/Bowl/Container is the injection-stretch blow-moulding (ISBM) of a MESON Blank.

The MESON Blank is effectively a BOTTLE in the form of a Cup/Bowl/Container connected to an ANTI Cup/Bowl/Container, with the interconnection point being the drinking lip/bowl edge/container sealing point.

Therefore, a MESON Blank is almost twice the height of the MESON Cup/Bowl/Container being formed.

ISBM machines are designed to accommodate standard ranges of bottle sizes, and the typical maximum blow-height is in the order of 300 mm.

In the world of ABS Nissei ISBM machines, one can order “Extended Stroke” machines where the maximum blow-height is 350 mm.

For MESON Cups, the working parameters are a maximum MESON Blank height of 350 mm and the requirement for the finished Cup to fit into the likes of a vehicle cup holder.

The MESON Cup that can be derived within these parameters is 30oz.

Therefore, within current ISBM machine parameters, 30oz is the current maximum MESON Cup size readily formed.

Containers and Bowls tend to be squatter than Cups, so in all likelihood, MESON Bowls and MESON Containers can be in excess of 30oz. Our design team are happy to work with you on a case by case basis to determine the maximum size possible for your application.


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