When considering the question of the largest possible MESON Cup/Bowl/Container the issue is maximum ISBM blow-height, whereas the ISBM question to consider for smallest possible MESON Cup/Bowl/Container is:

  • What is the smallest sensible Preform Neck Diameter we can work with?

Within reason, just about any size of small bottle can be blow-formed, so the next question is:

  • What is the smallest MESON Blank size that can sensibly work with the MESON Generation III Inverter?

The MESON Generation III Inverter has been specifically designed to enable efficient and cost-effective adaption in order to cater for a range of MESON Blank sizes, with the maximum being a 30oz Cup, and the sensible minimum being in the range of a 4oz Cup.



That is not to say we cannot cater for Cup/Bowl/Container sizes smaller than a 4oz.

Rather, it would likely mean the need for a purpose-designed MESON Inverter for sizes significantly smaller than 4oz.

Our design team are happy to work with you on a case by case basis to determine the feasibility of your Cup/Bowl/Container requirement within the high-flexibility of our MESON Generation III Inverter, and if it transpires not to be feasible, then we are well versed in the design/build requirements for creating a MESON Inverter bespoke to your specific needs.


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