MESON Technical Details

The MESON Technology is a unique container forming process that creates a
reusable double-walled container out of a single piece of thermoplastic material.

The MESON Inverter is a patented third generation manufacturing process.

The MESON Technology and Inverter are compatible with existing molding and finishing
equipment already in use by commercial packaging manufacturers.

Manufacturing Specifications

MESON Cups & Containers follow the general rules of stretch-blow moulding.

Any format of cup/punnet/bowl/container can be investigated for feasibility within these general rules and within the methodology rules of the MESON Anti-Cup inversion process.

3D shapes/forms can be integrated into the Cup/Container wall to incorporate Company Logo’s/Branding as part of the MESON Outer Wall structure.

The drinking lip/container upper edge can be shaped to accommodate existing Lid formats or new Lids can be developed as required for any application. Thread features can also be incorporated.

MESON Cup/Container production is via an integrated production platform, with raw materials as the input and finished MESON Cups/Containers as the output.



Manufacturing Trials

A range of printing ink colours are now available to enable multi-coloured printing directly onto the side of MESON Cups/Containers as an integral part of the production platform.

Initial trials resulted in MESON 16 oz Cups that are approximately 30% heavier than equivalent single-walled Thermoformed Cups, and 65% lighter than equivalent double-walled cup structures.

Ongoing trials will undoubtedly further reduce MESON Cup/Container weight.

Using the latest Polypropylene resins, MESON Cups/Containers exhibit a high degree of clarity.

Technical Process

The MESON Blank is a single-piece blow-formed part that comprises three main elements: the base, the cup outer and the anti-cup.

The MESON inversion process inverts the anti-cup to a position inside the outer cup to create a dual-wall insulated cup from a single piece of plastic.

The blow-forming and inversion sequence have been carefully tested and are now thoroughly documented so they can be customised for manufacturing with a target unit cost commensurate with existing single-use cups.

Some custom hardware would be required to produce MESON cups/containers at scale, but for existing packaging manufacturers the process would build on their current supply chain, plant & equipment and manufacturing processes.

Mass Production Platform

While the initial MESON Trials were undertaken by Aoki Laboratories, as regards mass production, Aoki’s 3-stage ISBM machine format does not provide a suitable platform for integrated ISBM/MESON mass-production.

However, ASB Nissei’s ISBM machines are based on a 4-stage format, with an extra stage dedicated to “Preform heat conditioning”.  This additional heat-conditioning stage is specific to the likes of square or rectangular bottles, so has no relevance to MESON Cup/Container production.

ASB Nissei were approached, and on review of the MESON Technology process, they confirmed their interest to re-configure their 4-stage platform, replacing the additional Preform heat-conditioning stage with a MESON Inversion Stage.

ASB Nissei propose to use their extended stroke ASB-150DPWS platform in order to create an ASB Nissei/MESON mass production machine capable of forming MESON Cups/Containers up to 30oz in size.

Lower Volume Niche Market Production Platform

Given ASB Nissei’s commitment to developing an integrated ISBM/MESON mass production platform, we approached ASB Nissei again, this time aiming towards their most suitable ISBM machine for smaller volume, niche market applications.

Smaller production volumes do not require an integrated production platform, therefore we are in the process of setting up our own production facility based on their ASB-70DPH ISBM machine in conjunction with stand-alone MESON Inverters based on our own in-house designed and constructed Generation III MESON Inverter.

We are currently developing a range of niche market MESON Cups, Bowls and Containers, with all being “so reusable they are not disposable”.

Follow our MESON Blog for details as our MESON product line develops.