What would the ultimate Party Cup and Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Toy have in common?

Both would need to be:

  • Highly functional
  • Fun for children to play with
  • So much fun and so interactive that it is not disposable!!

So, we put our thinking-caps on. What do children love?

  1. Stickers!
  2. Puzzles!
  3. Drinking Soda!… and

Welcome to the DITTO Jigsaw Puzzle Party Cup – powered by the MESON Technology.

Your DITTO 8-pack arrives with 8 MESON 16oz Cups, each with the jigsaw puzzle outline three-dimensionally formed into the side of the Cup, and a pack of puzzle-pieces, all in the form of pre-cut stickers.

Get the children at your party to arrange the puzzle-pieces in front of them, then stick them to the 3D-formed Cup side in the correct order to create the jigsaw puzzle picture.

And for QSR’s, replace your Soda Cup and Toy with the DITTO Jigsaw Puzzle Cup then bring on the fun with:

  • Changing the puzzle to suit the latest movie or in-fashion toy!
  • Adding extra pieces which the children can only identify when the puzzle is completed, and make the extra puzzle pieces part of your next competition!
  • Creating whole ranges of Collectibles!

The ultimate Party Cup or QSR Toy?


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