The process of forming a MESON Cup begins with the blow-forming of a MESON Blank – a bottle in the form of a Cup interconnected to an Anti-cup.

The final stage in the formation of a MESON Cup is the inversion of the Anti-cup so that it is transformed from a position exterior to the Cup into a position interior to the Cup. With a small size difference between the Cup and the Anti-cup, a double-walled cup structure is formed out of a single piece of material, with an air gap between the inner and outer cup walls.

The width of the air gap is determined by the difference in size between the Cup and the Anti-cup.

As the Anti-cup is physically inverted – or turned inside out – its shape/form must be simple in order for it to invert without damage.

But what of the Cup? The Cup does not invert – in fact, the shape of the Cup is not affected at all by the MESON Inversion process.

This means that within the rules of blow-forming, any form of three-dimensional details can be an integral part of the Cup wall!

So, just what might this three-dimensional detail be?

The answer is – Company Logo’s, Promotional Messages and/or Images – in fact, just about anything a consumer desires!

So, for your enjoyment we created the MESON Maze cup. Enjoy your party drink then attempt to move the Puck from one end of the Maze to the other.

And, to add to the challenge, why not have TWO Pucks with the challenge being to swap them from one Maze end to the other!

And when the party is finished, the Children take them home with them – a children’s party cup that is so interactive, so much fun, it is not disposable!


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